Sugar Sammy’s multilingual comedy

A conversation with comedian with Samir Khullar who grew up speaking Punjabi, Hindi, English and French. He does standup in all those languages, sometimes mixing them up. He has toured more than 40 countries, but audiences in his native Québec perhaps see the best of him. That’s where he performs a bilingual French/English show called You’re Gonna Rire (and now, You’re Gonna Rire 2). As a Quebecer/Québécois, Sugar Sammy’s comedy exposes the absurdity of language politics while also celebrating multilingualism and difference.

Photo of Sugar Sammy by Charles William Pelletier/Creative Commons. Check out Sugar Sammy’s tour dates here.

Music in this episode by Jules Gaia, Josef Falkensköld, Stationary Sign, and August Wilhelmsson. Read a transcript here. Sign up for Subtitle’s newsy, nerdy, fortnightly(ish) newsletter here.

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