Is Mx here to stay?

When a word first enters the language, it sounds weird to some, radical to others and comforting to just a few. Only later does it seem ‘natural.’ So it was with the honorific Ms in the 20th century. So it may be with the non-binary Mx. Today, British banks and utilities routinely give customers the option to use Mx. Will American companies follow suit? And what might Shakespeare have thought? His gender-neutral ‘master-mistress,’ is arguably more poetic than Mx, but it might be a bit of a mouthful for our times.

This episode was reported by Leo Hornak and Nina Porzucki. Music by Stationary Sign, The Freeharmonic Orchestra, Podington Bear, Josef Falkensköld and Silver Maple. The photo of performer Justin Vivian Bond, who uses Mx, is by Rhododendrites via Creative Commons. Read a transcript of the episode here.

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