Learning to love apostrophes

Ellen Jovin belongs to that rare breed of human with a passion for grammar. You will too if you spend a few minutes with her, your grammar anxiety melting away in minutes. That’s what happens when apostrophe-challenged Patrick meets Ellen at her Grammar Table in New York’s Central Park. There, Ellen fields questions from passers-by about commas, semicolons, ellipses and weird-sounding neologisms. Ellen tells Patrick about her word-obsessed childhood, her love of hyphens, and why a Jehovah’s Witness who approached the Grammar Table, “was not fully there for the apostrophes.”

Ellen Jovin’s new book about her Grammar Table adventures in 47 states is Rebel with a Clause.

Photo by Patrick Cox. Music by Greatfool, Frank Jonsson, Arthur Benson, Jules Gaia. Read a transcript of this episode here. Subscribe to Subtitle’s newsletter here.

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