Latin, the undead language

If Latin is dead, why is it easy to find meetups of people speaking it? Why is a group of scholars and lexicographers working on what has become a century-spanning Latin dictionary project? Former Latin student Cristina Quinn challenges Patrick Cox to seek answers to these and more questions about the supposedly dead language that is still all around us.

Photo by Patrick Cox. Music by Marc Torch, Arthur Benson, Frank Jonsson, Farrell Wooten, and Andreas Boldt. Read a transcript of this episode and see more photos here. Subscribe to Subtitle’s newsletter here.

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  • Hallo, my name is Francesco Salerno, a Latin-speaking Latin teacher from Milan. How can I participate in the discussion? Thanks.

    • Hi Francesco, thanks for your question. Please leave any further comments and questions here. I can alert others who participated in this podcast episode.

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