In quarantine with Joanna Hausmann

Bilingual comedian Joanna Hausmann (pictured with her mother Ana Julia Jatar-Hausmann) is sitting out the lockdown at her Venezuelan parents’ New England home. She tells us of her love of outdated Venezuelan slang; also about parenting her parents (in both Spanish and English); and how the restrictions of quarantine are unleashing her creative instincts.

Photo by Joanna Hausmann. Music by Podington Bear, Isobelle Walton, Nathan Welch, Flooaw, and Million Eyes. Read a transcript of this episode here.

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  • Love Joanna!!! As a Costa Rican, makes me so happy have latina representation on the media. Her videos: accurate af. Funny af. Clever af.

  • Love it! She is SO funny, I’ve been watching all her shows for long time. And the interviewer (sorry, I couldn’t catch his name) made good questions, all of them in the right moment. I also LOVE The way he speaks!. So clear for non-native English speaker. Thanks!

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