How to communicate with aliens

If there are extraterrestrials out there, what kind of messages might they be sending us? How might we decipher those messages? And should we hit reply?

Image by Mike Licht via Flickr Creative Commons. Music by Million Eyes, From Now On, Heath Cantu, Christian Andersen, Podington Bear. Read a transcript of this episode here.

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  • Not about the episode in particular, but about the podcast in general: tWiW/Subtitle is THE best podcast ever! I’ve listened to every single episode, recommend it often and have taken much pleasure every time I listen and learn something new.
    Thank you for doing it. Thank you for all the amazing stories, and for being role models.
    As I prepare to have a podcast of my own (about soil), I look up to you guys on many aspects of research, story telling, and audio production.

  • Do you think that knowing how to communicate with animals could help humans know how to communicate with aliens? I feel that this is a little bit difficult. That is because those aliens are smarter than earthly animals. I believe that aliens want some kind of deciphered language. But in fact, I do not what rules can set up that language.

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